It only seems like yesterday since I was cradling my own beautiful newborn babies in my arms. It’s an old cliche but they really do grow up so quickly! There is nothing that can compare to the first time you become parents and I think it’s really important to keep a visual record of your children as they grow.

Many people these days take their own pictures with mobile phones and although this is convenient for spur of the moment shots, I personally  prefer professionally created images that can be proudly displayed on a wall for you to admire.  Most people own digital cameras or know someone who does. This however, does not mean that they’re capable of creating a work of art with your beloved newborn. After all, if I were to purchase an expensive paint brush it wouldn’t necessarily mean that I’d be capable of painting a masterpiece! I do, however have the skills and experience it takes to create stunning images of your baby. I have the knowledge, the skills, the patience and all the props. I’ve photographed hundreds of newborn babies in my career and I’m happy to know that their parents, grandparents and other family members all cherish the images that I created.

Within the first few weeks of birth, newborn babies change so much. This is the ideal age to have their beauty immortalised in print. At this early stage, they’re still curvy from being in the womb so the cutest little poses can be created.


Many parents aren’t sure who to choose and sometimes base their decision on budget or images they see on a website. These are important factors but please do consider the following 5 points. Hopefully they will help you choose the right newborn photographer for you and your family.

1. Are they professionally trained and experienced?

The photography industry is currently unregulated in the UK, but a professional newborn photographer will have invested in professional training. They must also hold professional insurance. Experience is also of utmost importance. An experienced newborn photographer will have worked with many babies and will know how to safely and comfortably pose your baby. The best newborn photographers are also members of professional bodies like BANPAS (the Baby and Newborn Photography Association), so look for these on their website (here’s mine). Being a member will demonstrate that they are committed to following a code of professional conduct, set out by the organisation, which has the best interests of your baby in mind.

2. Beware of “cheap” newborn photography

Newborn photography is a not like any kind of photography so beware of anyone who is not a professional or who offers ridiculously cheap prices. Photography is an expensive business to run and newborn photographers spend a lot of money each year on props and equipment. I believe that you get what you pay for. If someone claims to offer a newborn session including photos for as little as £50, I would be wary of it. Anyone running a full time business simply couldn’t survive on that once you factor in overheads, tax etc. If someone is good at their job and they are in demand, their prices will reflect that.

3. Expectations

Make sure you discuss this ahead of the shoot to make sure that your photographer is able to meet your expectations. If you have seen a particular style or image that you would love to have, check with the photographer to make sure they are able and happy to recreate that image/style. Most photographers will aim to create a number of different set-ups throughout the shoot so there will be plenty of images for you to choose from.


4. Reputation

If you don’t have a personal recommendation from someone you trust, do your own extensive research before you commit to a booking. Review their website and social media presence and look for comments and feedback from recent clients. All this will give you some idea of the kind of person they are and give you an impression of how they conduct themselves and their business.


5. Practicalities

Will the photographer come to your home or will you need to visit their photography studio? If the photographer works from a studio is the location convenient for you? Is there parking on site or nearby? Are siblings welcome? I work from my home studio in Cramlington, Northumberland, about 10 miles from Newcastle. It has onsite parking so that it’s easy and convenient for my clients. Newborn sessions take place in my home studio, a very cosy and welcoming space with lots of privacy and natural light.

This is a lot to take in but hopefully it highlights the importance of doing some research when looking for a newborn photographer. Most of the established newborn photographers, including myself, book up well in advance so don’t delay! Parents have travelled from all over the north east to have their newborn babies photographed by me so you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands. This type of session is the perfect gift for mums-to-be and our newborn vouchers are very popular for baby showers. Should you wish to choose me to photograph your newborn baby, you can contact me at any time on 07876026699, email me at or complete this form.

For more information on my Northumberland based newborn photography shoots please follow this link.