Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands is the perfect setting for an elopement wedding. Just two people in love, a humanist celebrant for the ceremony and a wedding photographer to capture all the details.

These mountains, lakes, forests and rolling clouds provide the perfect backdrop for an elopement wedding.

I had the good fortune of photographing Garth & Christin in this glorious setting.

Staying in the totally awesome St.Mary’s Space, a boutique recording studio & wedding venue, Gareth & Christin prepared for the ceremony. They wrote each other letters and exchanged them standing in the middle of a river at low tide (as you do!) It was all very romantic even though it was raining and there were midges everywhere!

They headed off up to the mountain for a traditional hand fasting ceremony. A hip flask of whiskey helped to keep them warm but they were buzzin’ on adrenaline anyway.

Gareth & Christin are totally awesome and beautiful couple!

If you fancy eloping then hit me up so we can chat about your destination wedding.