A little about me....

Hi, I’m  Jonathan. A North East photographer based in Northumberland.

I’m a single dad of two crazy halflings , favourite offspring of two wonderful parents and no.1 sibling to my big sis and little bro. I also have a two little side-kicks; a Siberian Husky, called Luna and and Border Collie called Rosco.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than observing and photographing other human beings, especially whilst they’re celebrating!

I find it really hard writing about myself, so to keep things simple here are few things I like in no particular order.

    Music – mostly rock and alternative but I can dig other styles too if I’m in the right mood. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Solitude – I can often be found talking to myself whilst editing awesome pics in my man cave!

Countryside – Can’t beat the English countryside but I love any vast sprawling landscape. Always the best place to start new adventures.

Movies & TV Box Sets – Star Wars (I’m a bit of a geek), Westerns, B-Movies, Game Of Thrones and anything that’s ridiculously epic!

Wildlife and pets – I especially love dogs and I’m really into birds of prey, bears, wolves and stags (you’ve probably noticed my branding!)

Tattoos & Beards – Just because I’ve cultivated my beard and have several tattoos. Not everyone’s bag, I know but they’re mine.

Ages ago, I studied photography back in Staffordshire where I’m originally from.  I used to love spending my time in the dark room at college seeing my images come to life. I still appreciate the vintage feel of analogue photography, especially now that it can be recreated digitally and without having to wait for my eyes to adjust to the light after I’ve finished editing!

My approach

My approach to capturing images that you’ll love forever is firmly rooted in my upbringing and the way I’ve always lived my life. My images are honest, spontaneous, relaxed and informal with an artistic characteristic. I feel this is a key ingredient to capturing natural images that truly reflect the moment.

I really love my job!

Whether I’m photographing weddings, newborns or families, I put my heart and soul into capturing visual records that will be treasured.

I’ve worked with and photographed loads of lovely people and many of them have been kind enough to take the time to write recommendations for me, so instead of taking my word for it, go and check out their awesome praise.

 If you’ve read this much, give me a bell on 07876026699 or follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or email me at

It’s the right thing to do and you won’t regret it!

I’d love to hear from you!